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A beautiful calendar for 2023 about the Przewalski horses... not just for horse lovers, but for everyone with a sense for arts, who love beautiful illustrations and nature.

Preorder now to get it in time!

Price is 25 CHF/calendar, plus shipping.

Buy 10 and get a discount of 20%!

Art Calendar by Annabies

Give a new decoration to your wall with beautiful nature paintings, filled with funny elements and carefully designed typography! 

the story behind

When Zoltán Török asked me to illustrate their story about the Przewalski horses of the Hortobágy in Hungary, I was very happy and honoured by his trust. Although at first it was scary to work on something that was a bit out of my comfort zone, but it was exciting and I loved every minutes of it. The time passed, I drew... Zoltán and the author, Eszter T. Molnár sent me ideas, reviewed the pages, and after 6 months of hard work, a beautiful small book was born... and I felt it cannot end here, so I created a calendar with the illustrations... ​​

choose language

This beautiful calendar comes in 4 languages, all of them carefully edited. English, German, French or Hungarian... which one do you prefer?

Order by the end of October 2022 so we can print and deliver on time :) 

To keep the price of the calendars relatively low, orders received by the end of October will be printed at the same time. 

A 20% discount will be given on orders of 10 calendars. 

For larger quantities, please contact us

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