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Rediscover old treasures

A few years ago I was really into furniture painting, so I have bought and hunted a few furniture to work on... some of them are still waiting for their renewal. I used them as a canvas, worked with brushes and laces, painting with acrylic paint . They are still in pretty good shape despite of the numerous moving we had during our last 10 years.

One of my favorites is this small bedside cabinet with foxes. I've bought it on a flea market with it's twin brother, both were already painted white as a base coat. This small cabinet became a bit more relaxed than the bigger ones, I concentrated more on composition here than workflow. It was easier in that case because of its sizes, but to paint a bigger cupboard with just one color would have been too boring for me that time. Anyway there are less structured surfaces and more fine details on it. The only one striped leg gives the playful look that I love so much... and then there are two little foxes searching for something or watching a bird on a bubble-tree. I painted a good quantity of foxes that time so I had to put one or two on a furniture as well. I sprinkled gold paint over the forest to make it a bit noisy, and voila a lovely little bedside cabinet was born.

Watch the video of the making process too!

... and more pictures :)

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