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Stage set design into wall decor

I have always loved the theater and always wanted to design sets. My daughter had been taking ballet classes for 6 years. Each May they had an end of the year show... This was my time to try myself in stage decoration! It started small, but ended up in a pretty big show with the Piri Ballet, in a Geneva theater. I did a couple of hand-painted canvas backgrounds, with circular trees hanging from them, full of tiny glittery garlands. The main background was done digitally, original illustrations by me.

The show ran twice, then I had to take the whole set down. I used the trees later at one of my exhibitions at Galerie L'Essor (Le Sentier, la Vallée de Joux) too. What a whimsical atmosphere was made there! ... forest, little watercolor birds, lighting garlands... Then at another exhibition at Something Different Shop in Menzingen as a background for my store corner full of my creations for sale.

So it worked pretty well for the last few years. Then we moved again and I thought I'd hang it as a wall covering over my daughter's bed. She loves it and I'm more than happy to be able to use this huge painting again and not have to throw it away because I don't have enough storage space.

So voila, this is what it looks like now.... below you will find more photos of how it looked in the previous stages :)

Concept design for the show background on my computer

Another part of the digital background

Set building

Last rehearsal


The set on my exhibition

... and the shop corner

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