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Paintings from the Quarantine... the third one

Hello all, I know it’s not logical, but I start with the third one. Maybe it’s the weather that makes me doing that, maybe this one was the most important painting for me from that time... I don’t really know... but who cares, right? Just read and watch the pictures! 😘

2020... a tough year behind us. Although it was extremely difficult for too many of us with lots of loss and sadness, it was also eye-opening. It made us rethink, replan and reconnect. Rethink the importance of useless stuffs and habits, replan our way of living and reconnect to our loved ones, the important and most valuable people around us.

Business-wise it was a milestone for me... I‘ve finally found a part-time job after almost 10 years in Switzerland and with the help of that I made my webshop and develop my business. Small steps, but believe me, it was a looong way for me to get here.

During the lockdown I started to paint again!

The first painting of the quarantine was the Glacier. You know that I love experimenting with new techniques... actually that’s my art is about. So I found out to try to implement knitting and sewing in my paintings. I took a transparent primed stretched canvas and made my first stiches directly in it. Then I was sitting on the couch with a coffee-table sized thing, turning it back and forth, trying to knit somehow.. and I was sitting there for hours or days (?). When I finished the knitting part, I sew the ”flying” edges onto the canvas, forming and stretching it to different directions... when I finished, I painted some houses of course. Then added lots of blue paint that I washed off, then painted another layer that I washed off and so on. At the end I sew on the smoke that comes out of the chimneys.

This is the result... it has again that whimsical, unreal look that I love so much. And those accidental spots and flows everywhere... and the knitted part... I just love it! What do you think?



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